Port Angeles, WA

The parties hereto agree as follows:

1)     Brad and Julie, doing business as Upland Hills Kennel, herein referred to as SELLER, agree to transfer to ________________________, herein referred to as BUYER, one male/female German Shorthaired Pointer from American Kennel Club (AKC) Litter #__________, herein referred to as PUPPY and Sired by ______________ and whelped on ____________ by ________________in exchange for the payment by BUYER of an original purchase price of $________..

2)     BUYER REPRESENTS AND WARRANTS that a good home, which is understood to be one with warm and dry bedding protected from weather and elements, affection, regular exercise, proper nutrition and medical care will be provided for the entire time PUPPY is owned by or remains under the control of BUYER.  Furthermore, BUYER will not transfer ownership of PUPPY to any animal shelter, “puppy mill” or laboratory and if at any time BUYER is unable to provide PUPPY with a good home BUYER agrees to immediately notify SELLER.  Whereupon SELLER may assist BUYER with finding a new approved owner for PUPPY.

3)     SELLER REPRESENTS AND WARRANTS TO BUYER That PUPPY will to BUYER’S satisfaction become a suitable companion animal and is free from any genetic defects.  SELLER further WARRANTS TO BUYER that PUPPY is delivered in good health with tail amputated to approximately  40% of it’s original length (AKC Breed Standard), that dewclaws have been removed within the first 2 days of whelping.

4)     BUYER agrees to register PUPPY with the American Kennel Club by completing the dog registration application furnished by SELLER and submitting it to the AKC with the minimum $20.00 registration fee.

5)     SELLER REPRESENTS AND WARRANTS TO BUYER the following guarantee: BUYER agrees to register the dog with the American Kennel Club with the following name Upland Hills____________Vom Vigar  (Example: Uplands Mya Vom Vigar with Mya being the PUPPY’S name.)    SELLER will offer a 2 year health guarantee for all genetic health conditions (hips, elbows, eyes).  SELLER will replace the PUPPY or offer a full refund if the PUPPY is found with the above condition(s).  A diagnosis by the BUYER’S veterinarian and by the SELLER’S veterinarian will be proof that the PUPPY has one of the above condition(s).   The SELLER will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills associated with the diagnosis of the condition.

6)     SELLER IS HEREBY RELEASED from any and all further liability to BUYER with regard to PUPPY and it is understood that no other conditions, guarantees or obligations concerning the sale of PUPPY shall ever apply; and furthermore, it is hereby expressly understood and agreed that from the date of this agreement BUYER accepts all liability for the actions of PUPPY and hold SELLER harmless with regard to any and all third parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have caused this agreement to be duly signed and executed as of the last day and date below.

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