Best Gun Dogs
AKC# SR19900006
Chip# AVID*075*784*515

Stud Fee:$ 900.00________________
Owner of
AKC Reg. No._______________________________________________________________________
OFA#________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        1.)      The stud service fee is payable in full at the time of the first breeding unless otherwise specified in the initial agreements for the breeding. (*) i.e. In Lieu of the stud fee, the owner of the stud dog shall select a stud fee puppy. Individual arrangements will be made in writing between the owners of the stud dog and the owner of the Female
2.)      A “live” litter is guaranteed. Two live puppies living to one week of age is considered a live litter.
3.)      If the Female fails to whelp, the owner of the female must notify the stud dog owner within ten days of the whelping due date. A return service will be given by the same stud dog as listed above to the same Female listed above.
4.)      All transportation expenses are the sole responsibility of the owner of the Female.
5.)      It is understood that the owners of the stud dog shall maintain reasonable care of the female while at the stud dog owner’s facility. It is also understood that the owner of the female will assume all costs incurred by the owner of the stud for any medical treatment by a veterinarian required for the female while under the supervision of the owner of the stud dog.
6.)      In case of an AI breeding, all costs incurred by the owners of the stud dog will be charged to the owner of the female. This includes but is not limited to: ovulation timing tests, semen collection and shipping costs.
7.)      Any female that cannot be bred do to viciousness or any other extreme behavior problem will be returned to the owner with the stud fee payment.
8.)      It is the responsibility of the owner of the female to advise the owner of the stud dog of any habits, behavioral problems and/or medical conditions of the female described above.
9.)      The owner of the female shall furnish the owner of the stud dog the following information from a state certified veterinarian prior to breeding: (a.)Copy of the AKC registration papers (b.)OFA hip certification if available (c.)Current immunization records (d.)Negative Brucellosis test.
10.)   In the event that the owner of the stud chooses to take a puppy in lieu of a stud fee, the owners of the stud reserve the rite to withhold the signing of the AKC litter registration until said puppy is in possession of the stud dog owner.